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Welcome To Balance Chiropractic & Wellness

x  Have you been dealing with a health problem for some time?
x  Have you seen one or more physicians and still have the problem?
x  Would you like to address your problem naturally without the side effects of drugs or surgery?

How We're Different

Functional Neurology Care

  • We are specially trained to manage chronic health problems with functional neurology - a brain-based treatment method.
  • Functional neurology utilizes specific neurological testing based on advances in neuroscience to assess what is actually causing your problem, then provide individualized treatment to allow your body to repair itself.
  • By looking at how brain function is influencing the rest of the body, we can:

    1) Resolve the current health problem

    2) Prevent future health problems

    3) Boost immune function

    4) Enhance brain function 

        A Novel Approach

        As this ABC Nightline special on Dr. Ted Carrick illustrates, functional neurology is changing the way we address health issues of all types.

        Who We See

        Some of the patients we treat have chronic pain or an advanced neurological condition. Others see us to improve their athletic performance, increase their productivity at work, or simply to enhance their function in every day life. For a more complete description of the types of conditions we see, visit the 'Functional Neurology' page via the link below.

        Dr. Christopher Bosler, DC

           Christopher Bosler, DC, is one of only
           several doctors in San Diego County
           who practice functional neurology.
           He practices in San Diego, CA in the
           Kearny Mesa area. He is a board
           eligible diplomate in functional
           neurology from the Carrick Institute of
           Graduate Studies, which requires
           completion of a 3-year, post-doctoral
           program. Read more about Dr. Bosler.

        What is functional neurology?

           Functional neurology is the practice of
           assessing and treating dysfunction or
           conditions of the nervous system
           without drugs or surgery. Many
           conditions can be assessed by
           studying how your brain functions
           using non-invasive diagnostic
           tools in our office.
        See Functional
           Neurology for more information.